PDF Download for Internet Explorer

PDF Download for Internet Explorer 3.0

An easy-to-use program that allows you to convert any web page content to PDF

PDF Download for Internet Explorer is a useful tool for downloading any web page content.

It allows you to copy and convert the content of an entire webpage into a PDF document. You are, then, able to send the downloaded document to your e-mail account so that you can save and use it almost instantly. An appreciable feature of this application is the fact that it can download any kind of webpage, regardless whether it is secured or not. The saved PDF document will then hold the entire content of the webpage that you have converted, including text, images, graphics, and even elements that are part of the website design, such as banners or buttons. PDF Download for Internet Explorer also allows you to make notes or highlight specific areas on the PDF document. There is just a considerable shortcoming that this program has: it runs only on the slower Internet Explorer.

In conclusion, the program constitutes a rather reliable program when it comes to downloading and saving the content of webpages, although it only runs on the slower Internet Explorer.

Paul Cooper
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  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • It works with any kind of web content


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